PaperCut Private Cloud

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PaperCut is completely scalable – every step of the way. Organisations often start out with PaperCut NG on-premise, and work their way up to implementing PaperCut MF, as they grow with multiple locations they add site servers for resiliency – and when ready to take the plunge Copy Monitoring are here to help implement a robust, stable and reliable private cloud solution.

PaperCut Private Cloud

Here’s a basic example of a Private Cloud setup. Users submit print jobs from their workstations, and can then release the print jobs at an MFP or network device (like cPad). It’s good to understand bandwidth, current infrastructure and user behaviour before embarking on a cloud solution. Luckily we are here to help!

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Printing is making business more mobile and collaborative. The term “cloud” itself simply means software deployment to servers that are connected via the internet, and could be located almost anywhere. Cloud deployment has become one of the biggest growth areas in IT, primarily because when implemented in the right way, it can reduce overheads and increase flexibility. Cloud printing eases the burden without having to use traditional servers and software required on premises to run, maintain, test and upgrade with a team of professionals and avoids upfront infrastructure cost.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Global Management: PaperCut is administered via a web-based UI, allowing your tech team to control and maintain them from one location. This eliminates the need to hire additional technical staff, saving your company money, and capitalizes on your team knowledge of your current environment.
  • Mobility: By implementing cloud automation technology, you can give your end users the power to provision their own cloud servers and applications. This removes the work from your tech team and gives them access to immediate resources. Scalability of the cloud solution lets your application to be accessed on a variety of platforms, including laptops, desktops, iPad, tablets and smartphones
  • Automatic upgrades: Because applications are hosted in one location, your IT team is able to push upgrades to all environments at once.
  • Easy to Set Up: Businesses that use cloud based applications do so because they are easy to launch. Especially when coupled with cloud automation, cloud based applications are simple for even end users that have no tech experience.
  • Cost: Customers don’t need their own server infrastructure, or a maintenance workforce with domain knowledge. This means that Customers new to Print Management can avoid purchasing and maintaining new hardware. Existing Customers can reduce their rack space footprint and/or infrastructure overhead by moving Print Management into the Cloud.
  • Flexibility: Infrastructure capacity can be more easily scaled to meet changing customer needs.
  • Disaster Recovery: Site duplication, data syncing and recovery planning can be delegated to the host provider.
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