Online Payment Gateways

Copy Monitoring is focused on developing a series of Payment Gateway modules that interface with PaperCut. They are designed to facilitate transactions and allow users to securely pay for a series of specified activities.

Our solution called Payment Connect offers flexibility and supports payment platforms such as UniLink, Assembly and many more. Get in touch for more information on the full Payment Connect range.

Want something specific? Did you know that we have onsite developers to work on your specific integration requirement! Let us know how we can help you.

Larger organization such as universities or colleges may wish to provide online payment via 3rd party services such as those provided by banks or organizations like PayPal, Authorize.Net, RBS WorldPay or CyberSource. The payment interface may be provided for internal use (e.g. for student-only use), or opened up for external access to allow parents to make payments via the web.

A number of leading higher education organizations use the payment gateway module to allow students to transfer small amounts of credit into their print account. At the end of semester/term, this amount is totalled up and added to their fees/loan. The payment gateway module can be configured to automatically debit the student management records or an external database system.

PaperCut offers a variety of ways to integrate with payment platforms, including public APIs or via Copy Monitoring access deeper APIs that give more control. Download this document to get a better understanding of how payment gateways work.

Payment Gateway Information and Workflows

PaperCut makes it simple for users to add credit to their account via the user interface – accessible from any browser on the network! The look and feel can be easily customised too!

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