Certified hardware solutions

Enhance your PaperCut experience

Our many complimentary hardware solutions allow organisations to take solutions to the next level. From simple secure release switches, to external terminals and account loaders – these solutions help deliver simple cost and time efficient solutions that offer more security and less staff intervention. As the regional distributor for both Elatec and Cartadis we can tailor these solutions to an organisations needs.

Why use additional hardware?

PaperCut MF supports a wide range of hardware products to expand on native features. Use a USB card reader to facilitate faster logging into your MFP, or connect one to a TCP/IP convertor to bring secure print release to any network printer. Want visual print release or copy control on an unsupported device? No problem. The cPad can do it all, including controlling a kiosk to allow topping up user balances with cash and card.

Choose the right hardware

Card Readers

USB card readers can be connected to almost any MFP, network terminal and copy controller to facilitate faster login for users. They are available in a variety of configurations to support proximity formats like MiFare, HiD (and many many more!) plus barcode, magnetic swipe and even Bluetooth!

Fast Release

Bring FollowMe printing to any network printer in an organisation with a network TCP/IP convertor.

Copy control and visual print release

For MFPs that don’t support embedded solutions, or users that want to be able to take advantage of job selection functions our terminals are the perfect option. Users can swipe to login, see realtime information such as balances and job description. They can choose to delete jobs, print all, or just a selected item.

Account topup kioks

Autoloaders make adding value to a PaperCut account easy. Choose from simple coin only or full cash and card loaders. Easy to maintain and secure robust design and simple installation.

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USB card readers

Simplify use login at the device with card authentication

Elatec TWN family
The TWN3 and TWN4 families can support almost any proximity technology the TWN4 is an All-in-One Reader / Writer: 125kHz + 13.56MHz + NFC and now supports Bluetooth too. The TWN4 multi-reader is supported on almost all MFP and is robust with an excellent read range. Many manufacturers offer a custom housing for the reader to allow seamless integration under the cover of an MFP.

Magtek Swipe Card

For users of magnetic swipe cards the Magtek sureswipe reader boasts powerful functions and is easily customisable. Compatible with many MFP brands the reader makes for an excellent choice.

We also carry a range of other card readers such as RFIDeas, barcode, serial, omnikey and cartadis. Contact us to find out more

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Secure print and fast release terminals

Implementing card authentication alongside PaperCut is the simplest way for your users to authenticate themselves at the device across your fleet. Introduce features such as “secure print release” and FindMe printing to PaperCut on any network printer or MFD using one of the fast release terminals supplied by Copy Monitoring.

TCP/IP converter Elatec (9600210)
A TCP/IP fast release terminal delivers card authentication to any network printer or MFD with no configuration or modification necessary to the device. This allows the integration of a comprehensive authorisation solution cost-effectively, without backfitting or even replacing legacy devices at high cost. Configuration is required at the PaperCut end, but follows a standard process and can be easily supported by Copy Monitoring. The TCP/IP Fast Release Terminal can be inserted into your network in front of many devices, with a TWN3 card reader connected to authorise print jobs. This enables your print devices to be easily and affordably integrated alongside your PaperCut card authentication solution.

TCP/IP2 converter Elatec (9600220)
Offering the same functionality as TCP/IP, the TCP/IP2 fast release terminal offers the additional feature of …
TCP/IP2 fast release terminal has a built-in ethernet switch eliminating the need for an additional network connection and can also be connected with a numeric keypad to allow for fast release PIN authentication with PaperCut.

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Touchscreen copy control terminal

CPAD-V2 Cartadis touch screen terminal
Developed closely with PaperCut, the Cartadis cPad is a powerful, linux-based touchscreen terminal that brings the full functionality of PaperCut MF to devices unable to support an embedded solution. A reliable and elegant solution for network authentication and print release, the cPad supports input devices such as swipe card readers, bar code readers, or proximity card readers for easy user identification. The on-screen keyboard allows manual entering of user data, the ability to select jobs for release, and functionality to split jobs between accounts. The terminal brings follow-me printing to your user sites, and is compatible with almost every major brand and model of device. The stylish design and stable operating system make this terminal a popular choice in a variety of environments.

The cPad-V2 can be used with a variety of card readers. Copy Monitoring recommend these tried and tested options:
> TWN3 Mifare desktop reader USB (9500210)
> TWN4 Multi-Tech P reader (9500310)
> Magtek sureswipe reader (9500710)
> TCM3 Cartadis Reader (9500110)

Simple copy control terminal


The Copicode-IP is a networked terminal of access control and identification for copiers and printers. An affordable solution to network authentication, the Copicode supports input devices such as swipe card readers, bar code readers, or proximity card readers for easy user identification and print release. The terminal supports follow-me printing around your user sites, and is compatible with almost every major brand and model of device. The popularity of the Copicode-IP, along with its robust design and stable operating system, make this terminal one of the most widely used in the marketplace.

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Account reload top-up kiosk

Cartadis CR10 reloaded

Built by trusted European manufacturer Cartadis – the CR10 allows users to add money to their PaperCut account. Users can login via proximity/magnetic swipe card or username/password and add credit via cash or credit/debit card. The unit is highly customisable and very easy to service with all parts being modular. This provides an advantage over other kiosks as it can be serviced by field technicians and parts are very easy to replace. Features include:

  • Sturdy robust construction
  • Decal can be customised
  • Accepts coin, note, credit/debit cards
  • Works with both HF High Frequency (13,56mhz) and LF Low Frequency (125khz) or magnetic strip cards.
  • Door alarm and cash collect reports help with security
  • Easy installation of tap and go payment terminals such as the Ingenico iUC180b from Advam
  • Very low maintenance and ongoing costs


This simple coin-only autoloader is perfect for the budget conscious organisation that still requires cash facilities. Simple to install and maintain this unit accepts all Australian and New Zealand coins, and other currencies can be easily programmed. The Cash4000 can be un and running in minutes, and supports either proximity or magnetic swipe card login or identity number. The unit has a small footprint yet is designed with security in mind and can be secured to the floor. Optional cash box lock is also available for extra security.

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