Bespoke Integrations

Take your PaperCut installation to the next level with a little customisation

Integrations are a complex topic – best discussed case-by-case over a coffee. On this page we’ve included a few examples of some of the work we specialise in – but the sky’s the limit! Bespoke development of course does come at a cost – but in many situations our team will be able to recommend more cost effective work arounds. When development work is required the projects are costed out accurately and delivered in a timely manner. Features and project goals are defined in plain english and end-user involvement is encouraged. If you, or your client, have a project you would like to discuss then get in contact with us to book a consultation.

Best Solutions Packaging

In 2014 Copy Monitoring were awarded “Best Solutions Packaging” by PaperCut in recognition of our ability to identify client needs and think outside the box. Our team will always look beyond to find the best fit of products for a client, and ensure we tailor a solution that’s the perfect fit.

Integrate with your existing systems

Copy Monitoring work closely with our partners to help deliver superior integrations for organisations. PaperCut MF offers a powerful set of XML Web Service APIs. These can assist when integrating with legal accounting systems, practice management, medical databases, and door access systems.

User management

Don’t have AD? No problemo! Import users from external data sources – easily create, delete and manage users.

User card security

Organisations that wish to add an additional layer of security can encode an encrypted user id into a proximity card, with our private security key we can allow only trusted card readers to decrypt secure information and sent to the PaperCut server. Locking a card in this way means that any non-compliant card presented to the card reader will be ignored.

Online payments

Integrate PaperCut into almost any closed-loop transaction system. Copy Monitoring have assisted a number of our partners’ clients set up special gateways to use their preferred payment system.

Integrate with accounting and legal

Simple to run applications from Copy Monitoring help integrate with various legal and accounting systems both on premise and in the cloud. Our professional services team will have you up and running in no time. Helping to minimise double handling and allowing for users to select accounts to scan and charge to.

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